Exclusive patent
720 Multi-lences scanning

With 60 optical scanners or portable 8-lens scanners, we make the accuracy above 0.05mm.

Advanced computing
Process of high simulation

The 3D data can be perfectly reveal the details of the entity with the physical modeling and digital trimming tech for 3D algorithm and digital restoration.

720° browsing
without downloading

Browsing the zoomable 3D image in 720 degrees on website

Professional 3D Modeling

  • Ark is a Taiwanese team with the tech-core of 3D display technology patents
  • Exclusive development of unique multi-lens matrix modeling equipment
  • Combination of 3D calculation technology and low-delay web 3D
  • Target the needs of museums, artworks, and online museums
  • Three leading advantages of the market:
    The speed of matrix scanning imaging is fast,
    The best detail texture shown
    • 採用傳統微距鏡頭讓3D顏色不失真