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"Thanks to 5G and VR technology, the history can be restored and the heroes of the past can be recalled today.


With the help of 3D VR technology from ARK GROUP, Beitou Marshal Zen Garden has introduced a ""3D digital navigation system"", turning the nearly 1,200-square-meter garden into a historical corridor, leading the public to a time tunnel of memories and a glimpse of Zhang Xueliang's life and historical sites, restoring the contemporary style, everything is lifelike under the high-definition restoration. After the COVID, 3D VR technology has shown its creativity in various fields. The tourism industry, which is in the first row of the strike, needs the way to breakthrough. Ray, the founder of ARK GROUP, said that due to the impact of the epidemic, the number of international tourists traveling in groups has almost dropped to zero. With 3D digital guide, the private houses can be reappeared in style, which will help to create a market source of tourists and become a new highlight of smart tourism."

Marshal Zen Garden was awarded as restaurant of black pearl
Marshal Zen Garden was awarded as restaurant of black pearl

ARK GROUP build 3D scenes to tell the story with ARK Solution


"Beitou Marshal Zen Garden is invested and refurbished by the Xin’an Educational Enterprise. The wooden wall and tile house of the Zen Garden stands hidden among the forests on the hillside of Beitou. This century-old Japanese-style building was once the secluded residence of the historical Marshal Chang Xueliang and his wife Zhao Yidi. A place rich in historical and cultural heritage. Via ARK Solution, a multi-lingual private smart travel solution is bringing digital creativity and new experiences to the public.

In the Marshal Zen Garden, which is lined with old trees and full of stories, ARK GROUP uses advanced point-to-point algorithm to carry out 720-degree 3D high-fidelity imaging process. Through 360-degree panoramic views, time and space scenes can be presented in detail, including cultural relics guide and the historical stories of related venues, create a brand new 3D scene application of digital stories of old houses in Taiwan. With the multilingual system developed ARK GROUP, it will bring more opportunities in post-epidemic tourism in the future."


Marshal Zen Garden is a centuries-old Japanese-style building hidden in the forest on the hillside of Beitou.
Marshal Zen Garden is a centuries-old Japanese-style building hidden in the forest on the hillside of Beitou.


A new standard for digital private tours, Marshal Zen Garden


"The characters of the era have left us, but the stories that have been passed down are still cherished by future generations. In this project, 3D technology is used to change the traditional audio guide, helping visitors to enter the history as if they were on the scene. For example, people can experience the time and space of ""isolation"" and ""house arrest"" in the guest house; where the story truly happened.

Ray emphasized that, after the epidemic, smart tourism will become the norm, and the digitization of old house stories will better play a role in attracting tourists. ""Marshal Zen Garden"" not only shows great creativity in the experience of the old house, but has also been rated as a diamond restaurant in the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide by the public. Affected by the epidemic, Marshal Zen Garden is expected to reopen on 10/24. The 3D digital guide allows Marshal Zen Garden to set a benchmark for private house tourism; and it has become a new standard for smart tourism."

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