Summer Jelly Holiday Q彈一夏


作为一名年轻的艺术家,Axl因其在艺术上的个性和创造力而广受赞誉。他的作品因此被选入各种当代艺术群展。他的作品还出现在各种艺术网络和杂志上,包括 Nowness China、Arte Tracks 和 Pause Fest。

Axl(Le Yi) is Chinese digital artist now living and working in Oslo, Norway. He has his own unique style in artistic creation, both when it comes to technical and visual style. His works include creative content from different fields, including still frames, animations, and some impressive CG short films. His works cover topics such as contemporary social issues, future city imagination, space roaming, fantasy forests, etc. His works are futuristic and contemporary.
As a young artist, Axl has been widely praised for his individuality and creativity in his art. His works have therefore been selected in various contemporary art group exhibitions. His work also has been featured in various art networks and magazines, including Nowness China, Arte Tracks, and Pause Fest.

A Hundred Varieties Of Life
This series of works is the extend animation version of my series: Portrait of nature, the combination of life and nature.
Spring, summer, autumn and winter are the time themes of this series, while eating, traveling, living and playing are the content themes of the series, combining various lifestyles and different nature space can create different fascinating lifestyles.