The damned world 24

Acrylic on Canvas

Introduction of artist

I am Anikoon, my Korean name is Sungjin Han and I’m a contemporary artist who lives with the motto life is art and art is life. I view the world and express what I see, feel, and think about life through paintings or sculptures.

What are the things that represent me? After thinking about it, toys, robots, cups, etc. are things that I have a close relationship with, so I am like to use these objects as my subject.

I mainly use a variety of colors in my work. I plan images in advance according to the theme of the work and draw the picture in my head first. However I try not to overthink because when there are various topics you want to talk about it can overcomplicate art. I like intuitive expressions. I try to draw a pure childlike paintings that anyone can relate to. It seems to be expressed more effectively.

As a viewer, I thought it would be great to be able to see my favorite artist up close and personal, so I like to stay connected with my audience about my work and exhibitions in real time through SNS channels such as Instagram and YouTube. Also, I want to break the perception that artists are unreachable, and I want artists’ lifestyle to be open and relatable.



我是 Anikoon,我的韓文名字是韓成珍,我是一位當代藝術家,我的座右銘是生活就是藝術,藝術就是生活。我通過繪畫或雕塑來觀察世界並表達我對生活的所見、所感和所想。



作為觀眾,我認為能夠近距離和個人地看到我最喜歡的藝術家會很棒,所以我喜歡通過 Instagram 和 YouTube 等 SNS 頻道與觀眾實時了解我的作品和展覽。此外,我想打破藝術家遙不可及的觀念,我希望藝術家的生活方式是開放的和相關的。


My art

Robots are projecting the appearance of modern people. It is also an expression of me. Like many of the young people these days, I have never had the chance to enjoy the economic boom of the 1980s and 1990s . We are past the golden age

and much like a robot made in a dark age, it seems that we have become a machine that cannot do anything by itself or think creatively.

Such robots should now be equipped with an artificial intelligence chip to learn to stand up on their own.

We shouldn’t just sit down and resent the world, but explore new things and move forward. So, I have a desire to throw such messages into my work to usher in a new era.



機器人正在投射現代人的容貌。這也是我的一種表達。像當今許多年輕人一樣,我從未有機會享受 1980 年代和 1990 年代的經濟繁榮。我們已經過了黃金時代,就像一個黑暗時代製造的機器人,我們似乎已經變成了一台不能自己做任何事情或創造性思考的機器。



critic’s words

Anikoon artist draws and makes robots. The robot he encountered through cartoons and other toys as a child continues to live in his imagination as an adult. In addition, toy robots, Star Wars characters, and everyday objects enter the screen and live as their representatives. Growing up like an illusion in the world of popular culture and his imagination, it is placed in the canvas through imaginary representation of everyday objects rather than imitation or representation of the real world. Even when he purchases wooden horses, tin toys, and crumpled dolls from antique shops while traveling in the US and uses them as objects of imitation, he summons the imaginary world where he was endlessly free as a child.



Anikoon 藝術家繪製和製作機器人。他在孩提時通過卡通和其他玩具遇到的機器人在成年後繼續生活在他的想像中。此外,玩具機器人、星球大戰人物和日常物品進入屏幕並作為他們的代表生活。在流行文化和他的想像世界中成長為一種幻覺,它通過對日常物品的想像表現而不是對現實世界的模仿或表現被放置在畫布上。即使在美國旅行時從古董店購買木馬、鐵皮玩具和皺巴巴的玩偶作為模仿對象,他也能召喚出他童年時無限自由的想像世界。